What’s the Big Idea?

What is The Big Idea? This is a yearlong, church wide study of the scriptures.  The Big Idea is that we will see the Holy Spirit at work throughout our church, congregation and community!

Who is The Big Idea for? Plain and simple, this program is for everybody!  This study is inter-generational – adults, youth and children will be able to share with one another what they are learning each week.

When does The Big Idea start? The Big Idea begins on September 14, 2015 and the first Sunday it will be integrated into worship is September 20.  You can jump in at any time!

Why should we follow The Big Idea? This program presents the opportunity to connect with one another and the Holy Spirit in a new format that can help grow and transform our ministries in a powerful way!

How do I get connected with The Big Idea? We are asking all groups of all ages at LCR to focus in on these texts each week during their bible studies, devotions, Sunday School classes, small group meetings, etc.  Every Sunday the sermon will be based on this scripture.

Every Monday we will send out an email with the scripture for the week and some thoughts and questions from Pastor Dave, as well as follow up from the Sunday Sermon.  We welcome your thoughts and questions in the comments as you digest the scripture!

Questions? Contact the Church Office for Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at 770.953.3193