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The Wise Men’s Gifts

Post by Pastor Dave  Matthew 2:1-12

Christmas is the greatest story ever told because it contains the greatest gift ever given.  God’s gift of Himself.  God came down in the form of a baby to live with us, to save us from ourselves, and to reclaim His beloved world.  No greater gift has ever been given.

That gift begs this question  –  what gift are we giving back to God in return?  What is an appropriate response to God’s great gift? Maybe taking another look at the Christmas story will help us answer that question?

Joseph put aside his own uncertainty, ignored the Law of Moses, followed the command of the angel, took a pregnant Mary for his wife, and became the human father of the Christchild.

Mary put aside her fear of the unknown and offered up her entire life, and in doing so, became perhaps the first disciple. “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.”

The shepherds left behind their flocks of sheep and travelled to where the baby had been born.

In today’s text, the wise men travel a great distance to bring their gifts of gold,      Frankincense and myrrh

The entire Christmas story is a story of giving and receiving gifts.  All started by the God who Himself is the greatest gift giver of all.

So how are we a part of this story?

What gift do we have that is appropriate to give God?

What gift is it that God wants us to give Him?

Once we figure that out, are we willing to give it?