Worship Preview

The Power of a Leaf

Post by Pastor Dave   Luke 21:25-36

Much of the New Testament focuses on the 1st coming of Jesus.  How He was born, how He lived, why He died, and how all of that affects life on this planet.

Some of the New Testament focuses on the 2nd coming of Jesus.  It’s called “apocalyptic literature,” and it involves a series of revelations that disclose the supernatural world that is beyond and behind and above our world.  This passage is a part of that body of material.

When you read this text, do you come away from it hopeful or despairing?  Is this good news or bad news?  Nowhere is the Bible does it tell us when this new world will finally come.  And so we live in between the times; in between the 1st coming of Jesus and the 2nd coming of Jesus.  How do we live in that in between time?  Where is our hope?

In the middle of this passage Jesus tells us a little parable.  As soon as the fig tree has leaves, summer is then just around the corner.  What does that have to say to us?  Is it possible that we are the leaves?  And when we witness to the coming of the kingdom, is it possible that in our witnessing that kingdom actually comes?