Happy Thanksgiving!

By Pr. Stephen

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and Sunday is Christ the King Sunday! It is a joyful time in the life of the church. In particular I am thankful that Christ is my King, that he is our King, that he is the King of the universe!

Jesus’ kingship isn’t exactly self-evident. Is he just a figurehead? Or a cartoon? And this curious king looks the curious part in Sunday’s gospel reading as Pilate questions Jesus about his kingdom. There stands Pilate the top Roman authority army and everything, questioning the broken and bloodied, soon-to-be-crucified Jesus.

Yet this is exactly what scripture and the teaching of the church (look at the Creeds) say about Jesus. That he is the King even if, as he says to Pilate, “my kingdom is not from this world.” Which might actually make Jesus and his kingship better. If it were from this world then he’d be open to abuse of power and doing all kinds of terrible things… if his kingdom and kingship were from this world then as wonderful as he seems I’d know it was only a matter of time before he’d sell out.

Since his kingdom and kingship are not from this world, I wonder if we can trust the power he wields in healing the sick, raising the dead, and bringing justice to the oppressed. I wonder if we can trust his bold teaching, his radical forgiveness?

Could it be true? I believe it is. And I’m this Thanksgiving and Christ the King Sunday, I’m thankful for that. As you get ready for Sunday, take a look at John 18:33-37.