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Bragging on God

I’m going to brag on God. Here’s what the Lord is doing in the lives of five young men between the ages of 18 and 25 who have been meeting at my home twice a month for the better part of two years.

Andre, Greg, Cameron, Connor, and Matteus read the bible together, they pray together, they take care of each other. They also extend Christ’s compassion to my family… even playing tea with my young daughter, and treating my wife like a normal human even though she lives with a chronic illness.

With them, I have experienced the gracious love of God in the middle of the joys and challenges of life. They have shaped my life for the better, grounding me in community and prayer.

In January, this group is going to lead a Sunday morning group focusing on Media and Theology during the 9:45 am Resurrection Hour. We’d love for you to be part of our group. You can sign up online (here).

I love what God is doing in their lives through their group, and I love how God is growing them to impact lives on Sunday morning through the group we’ll lead together.

Take care,
Pastor StephenLCR TBS - October 23, 2018