Worship Preview

Daily Bread for a Blind Man

Post by Pastor Stephen

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us how to pray. It’s a prayer that has given me words in many circumstances of life, words to talk with God, and words through which I begin to hear God’s voice speaking into my life. “Give us today our daily bread” invites us to approach life differently. First, to look to God our Father in heaven as the source of our sustenance. Second, it helps us to look to our Father for everything we need for life. Luther included a long list of examples in the Small Catechism, everything from rain to good government, to faithful parents, to clothes. These all are gifts from your Father in heaven, and as children of God we are taught by Jesus to confidently ask our Father for what we need in this life.

What do you imagine Bartimaeus needed? And as you read Mark 10:46-52, keep an ear open for the daily bread your Father in heaven gives you through the story and through Bartimaeus’ witness.