Youth Sunday

The youth of LCR have planned and prepared to lead Sunday’s worship services over the past couple of months. They do this in the spirit of service, both to God and to the LCR community of worshipers. The youth wrote the prayers and picked the songs at our lock-in in August. The songs chosen are from both the traditional and contemporary worship services, because our youth attend the different services. Ellie Lizdas (pictured below) has taken the text from the gospel of Mark, along with the theme of “Your will be done, on earth as in heaven,” and prayerfully prepared the sermon. On Youth Sunday, the youth of LCR use their gifts given to them by God to glorify God during worship. They also learn about all of the aspects of what goes into worship, and they can use those skills throughout the year to serve in worship in many ways.

– Andrea Roche, Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Ellie Lizdas - October 2018