Worship Preview

Thy Kingdome Come

Post by Pastor Dave

The 2nd Petition  –  “Thy kingdom come”

It’s going to happen. It will come true. God is building the new kingdom right here in the midst of the old world God created. But this announcement raises at least 3 questions…

  1. Is this good news or bad news?

What if God’s kingdom doesn’t look a thing like the kingdom we wish God would build?

What if the last WILL be first and the first WILL be last?

What if this kingdom doesn’t look at all like East Cobb without the traffic?

Jesus spent a good bit of His live turning the world upside down and overturning all of our expectations.  What if the kingdom that is coming continues that trend?

  1. What kind of kingdom IS coming?

A kingdom where only the brightest and the best will be invited or one where someone needs to reject the invitation and not show up.

Is the kingdom that’s coming reserved for white, upwardly mobile Americans or  is it open to people who don’t act or think or vote or worship like us?

Is it more like a country club or a homeless shelter?

  1. Are we going to help God build this kingdom or is God on His own?

Are we going to spend our lives building God’s kingdom or our own portfolios?

Are we going to say to God, “Here I am, send me” or “I’m just too busy today”?

When it comes to building God’s kingdom, are we God’s hands and feet in the world?

Thy kingdom come.

3 simple, little words.

That bring with them profound questions!!!