Worship Preview

The Greatest

Post by Pastor Dave   Mark 9:30-37

“Mirror, mirror on the wall; who’s the greatest of them all?”

The disciples wanted to know.

And Jesus was asked to come up with the epitome of greatness.  Jesus could have picked anybody:

Moses – who led God’s people out of Egypt

David – the greatest king Israel every had

Mary – the mother of our Lord

“Jesus, Jesus in our midst; who’s the greatest of us all?”

And who did Jesus pick?

A child.  A nameless child who had no resume, no IRA, no standing in society, no voice in the world, no anything! Children and women in Jesus’ day were at the bottom of the societal ladder.  And yet when asked, Jesus defines greatness by using a child.

Questions to be asked

Why do you think Jesus used a child to define greatness?

Name some people who our world calls great.

Think back in your life and come up with one person you have known who you                  would call great.

Why did you pick that person?

One final thought.  If in twenty years another group of Christians were sitting around talking about great people in their lives, do you think any of them would mention your name?