The True Bread

Post by Pastor Dave   John 6:24-35

About 1300 years before Jesus was born, God led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt and into the desert.  The problem with the desert was, there was no food.  There wasn’t a Chic-fil-A on every street corner.  There wasn’t even a street corner to have a Chic-fil-A on!!  So when the Jews started getting hungry, God gave them manna to eat.  Every day the manna would come down from heaven, and the Jews would eat till they were full.

And now we are told in this text that Jesus Himself is the “TRUE BREAD WHICH COMES DOWN FROM HEAVEN.”  And that whoever eats of this bread will never be hungry.

What’s the difference between manna and the “true bread?”

What does manna look like today?

Does manna still feed us in some way?

What are the different ways that “the true bread” feeds us?


A lot of people today are starving to death – for a lot of different reasons.

How is LCR feeding some of those people?

Is LCR giving them – and us – manna or “the true bread?”

What would it look like for LCR to spend more time giving out “the true bread that comes down from heaven?”