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Feeding the Multitude in John

Post by Pastor Dave  John 6:1-21

Of all the miracle stories Jesus ever told, the only one that is recorded in all 4 Gospels is this one – the feeding of the multitude.  In fact, Mark thinks it’s so important that he tells it twice!!


What’s so important about a bunch of people getting lunch?  John uses this story to introduce what has been called “The Bread of Life” discourse, (John 6: 25-71).  There are 7 “I Am” sayings in John.  One of them is “I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE.”  And the discourse talks about what it means that Jesus is the bread of life.

How is Jesus as “bread” any different than any other kind of bread?

What kind of hunger can Jesus fill that no other bread can?

In this story Jesus feeds 5,000 people with a little boy’s lunch and has 12 baskets of leftovers!!  Is He still in the business of feeding multitudes?

Every Sunday we come to the altar at LCR and hear the pastor say, “This is my body.”  Is it possible that the miracle that played itself out on the Sea of Galilee all those years ago is playing itself out again in sanctuaries all over this world?

Is Jesus still saying to each of us, “This is my body?”

And how important is that little word “IS?”