Worship Preview

Why do We Sing?

Post by Pastor Stephen

Growing up in Knoxville, we sang Rocky Top because that was our community anthem. Everything in Knoxville revolved around the University of Tennessee. Not only were there games to go to all year round, there were also clothes to wear and songs to sing. The big song for us was and is Rocky Top. At football games and basketball games 100,000 of us would sing Rocky Top in perfect harmony… or at least we’d belt it out with the Pride of the Southland Marching Band. We’d also sing Rocky Top in the car and at home. For many years it was even part of the “wind down for bed” playlist. Why do we sing? Singing together creates culture. It creates a common identity, it creates a bond. Standing with 100,000 singing Rocky Top it didn’t matter if the people around you were the music majors or if it was Bubba who couldn’t hit a single note. We were one singing that song.

Music creates culture in the church. Our culture is not Rocky Top. Our culture centers on Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. I have sung “Lamb of God” in groups of 5 and groups of 30,000. I have sung that song with organs, drums, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars. I’ve sung it with tears streaming down my face, and with joy in my heart. I’ve sung it around the world. And every time I sing it, I find that I am one with those singing it. Yet this time I’m one not because of the song, but because of the One of whom we sing.

This Sunday we’re going to talk about John the Baptist’s song, The Lamb of God. You can read the story of it in the Gospel of John chapter 1. Then in worship we’ll read about the reality of how our culture as ones who sing of the Lamb of God, can conflict with the culture of the World represented in King Herod. Think about that as you read Mark 6:14-29.