Worship Preview

Pitter Patter Goes the Rain

Post by Pastor Stephen

One of the songs our family is singing lately is a storm song. It’s called Pitter Patter Goes the Rain by Christy Nockels from the album, Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved. You can watch it here.

This Sunday we’re going to hear stories about storms and God’s powerful presence in the midst of the storm. Our God is bigger and stronger than the storms of life. It is true that the storms are big and terrifying – for us and for the disciples. There’s no telling when the storm will stop, and it can seem as though God does not care that we perish. Yet, our God does care, and our God is present, and our God takes action. I wonder how God will take action in the storms of our life? Listen for what Jesus does in the storm with the disciples as you read Mark 4:35-41.