Worship Preview

How will you define family?

Post by Pastor Stephen

What goes into a family? Is it limited to a roof or genetics? What separates your family and my family? Are love and commitment its source?

In one sense my family has been defined in all of these ways. It’s those who live under our roof… me, Betsy, and Sarah… and our dog Teddi. Family has included those with whom we are genetically related, and my parents are family in a way that my next door neighbors aren’t. Though it’s family that in some way extends to adopted siblings. It’s family rooted in the love of God whose name is Jesus, yet also family that is committed one to another through thick and thin… through disagreement and heartache.

Jesus invites us to consider family in a way in Mark 3 that might expand my definition of family. Maybe he’d have me include my neighbors? Let me know what you hear from our Lord in Mark 3:20-35, and how he is inviting you to consider family.


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