Worship Preview

More Than Imagine

Post by Pastor Dave   Acts2:1-21

Jesus was dead.

And then He was alive.

And the disciples gathered in a room off by themselves and waited – waited for God to act in some kind of definitive way.

They didn’t have to wait long!

The wind blew.

The fire came – and something filled the room, and the people hadn’t felt like that before.

That something was the Holy Spirit.

The presence of the living God!!

And what did that presence do?

It gave birth to the Church – which of course IS the presence of the living God in the world.

The Church is not just a gathering of people for a pot luck supper.

The Church is not just a bunch of people on Sunday mornings singing songs and praying prayers.

The Church is not even just a social service organization caring for the poor.

The Church is God come down to reclaim the world – His world.

Through pot luck suppers

and Sunday worship services

and ministries in soup kitchens – the Church has been empowered by                                         God Himself to reclaim the world and build the Kingdom of God!



In this place.

The calling of the Pentecost Church is to bring pieces of Heaven to earth.  It is to announce and live the Gospel promise – that the living God has moved into the neighborhood and has brought with Him a new way of living.

And it is our high and holy calling to assist God in that effort.

In other words – we can do more than imagine!!