What Does Love Look Like?

Post by Pastor Stephen

John 15:9-17 is one text which Christians around the world will hear on Sunday, and through which Jesus will speak to us again. These words were spoken originally by Jesus to his disciples just after washing the disciple’s feet and giving them his new commandment, “just as I have loved you, so you must love one another.” On Sunday he’ll return to this theme again.

He might sound like a broken record, though maybe that has more to do with the students (then and now) than it has to do with the teacher. Gail O’Day writes in her commentary that many of the themes Jesus introduced to his disciples in chapter 14 are revisited over and over again in this chapter. Themes including the promise of answered prayer, abiding with Jesus (or as Pr. Dave said “making your home with Jesus”), bearing fruit by doing works of love.

Originally Jesus spoke these words as part of his Farewell Discourse with his disciples just prior to his crucifixion and resurrection. On Sunday, he’ll speak these words to us just before we are sent back into the world to be about his kingdom work in our homes, school, and work.

What will it look like to love as Jesus has loved us?

Think about that as you read John 15:9-17.