Worship Preview

Witness to Those Things

Post by Pastor Dave

Luke 24: 36-49

The story of the divine encounter on the road to Emmaus has just concluded. They saw Jesus in the breaking of the bread and then He vanished from their sight. Where did He go? We don’t know.

But He came back!! Our text is a record of the conversation He had with them. He asks for something to eat (24: 41-42) so they know He is a real person and not just some ghost. Then He talks to them about scripture and repentance and forgiveness. (24: 45-47)

Then He said, “YOU ARE WITNESS TO THESE THINGS.” (24: 48)

What things?

What things or experiences or thoughts have we been witnesses to?

And what does it mean to be witnesses to them? What are we supposed to do or say or behave in light of those things?

It is really important for us to know the answers to those questions because the world is waiting for answers. Who is the God we are witnessing to and what is that God like? Answering that question will help us find an answer to the 2nd question  –  what is the best way for us to witness to and tell about that God?

Christian faith and Christian evangelism all rolled into one!!!