Worship Preview

Savior Not a Serpent

Post by Pastor Dave

God comes in many different ways to bring healing and wholeness to His people

One day God used spit to bring sight to a blind man

One day God healed a servant by long distance – wasn’t even in the same town

One day God used the waters of the pool of Siloam to heal another blind man

And now in today’s text – God uses a serpent on a pole to heal people of snake bites!

It’s a strange story – but then again, there are many times when we think that God is a strange God.


The 2nd part of this story makes this an even stranger story.  Read II Kings 18:4. After reading that we realize that this is more than a story of healing.  It’s a story also about worship!  More particularly, who or what do we worship.

That serpent on a pole at some point stopped being only a healing tool of God and started becoming another god!!!  And that is the breaking of the 1st Commandment.

Whether you want to think of this story as a healing story or a worship story, what’s important to know is a serpent on a pole is neither the last for healing or worship.  That last word can be found in the New Testament, where God does the ultimate mighty act. God climbs up on a cross and dies for the sins of the entire world.  That is healing and worship all rolled into one!

The power of this story is that it points us to another story.  What ultimately brings healing…what is ultimately worthy of our worship is not a serpent on a pole but a savior on a cross!!!!