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Wait, I thought there were ten?

Post by Pastor Stephen

Famously God gives the ten commandments to Moses and the people of Israel as they are in transition. They had been enslaved down in Egypt until the LORD came and worked through Moses to set them free. The LORD was making good on his promise to Abraham to bring those children of Abraham into the land and relationship he had promised. Now on the cusp of fulfillment, the LORD gives the people his words to live by.

Famously these are called the ten words, or the ten commandments. How many can you name? And, what do they mean to you? Now, what if I were to tell you there’s more than one commandment in each word or commandment from the LORD? The first is “you shall have no other gods besides me.” There are two commandments wrapped up in this. First the prohibition, don’t cheat on the LORD God who made heaven and earth and freed you from Egypt. Second the gift, the gift of the relationship with the LORD which you are to enjoy.

Using that methodology, how many commandments do you count? How might they guide your life this week in your relationship with the LORD and all that God has made? Think about that as you read Exodus 20:1-17.