Worship Preview

Noah and the Ark

Post by Pastor Dave

God created the world good.  But sin took over and the whole thing went to pot. It got so bad that one day God had had enough.



What’s an ark? It’s a place of sanctuary in an insane world. It’s a measure of grace from a grieving God. It’s how God worked it out to drown His world and save it at the same time.

Can you imagine what living in that ark was like!!!!! Animal’ noises and smells and hijinks 24/7! Can you imagine how insane life in that ark was!!!

Not as insane apparently as life OUTSIDE the ark!!! So insane was that life that God sent 40 days of rain to wash it away!!

“Noah, I want you to build an ark”

“Bill, I want you to build an ark”

“Jane, I want you to build an ark”

Maybe that’s what Christians are all called to do. Build arks in the midst of an insane world. Provide a place of sanctuary to every living creature. Maybe that’s what this Lent can be all about.

Building arks.