Worship Preview

A Damascus Road around Word and Sacrament

Post by Pastor Stephen

Do you remember how it was that Paul got involved with Jesus? It didn’t start out so nice. He first got involved when his name was Saul, and Acts 8 reports that he held the coats of others who stoned St. Stephen to death. Saul continued persecuting the followers of Jesus, and was on a mission one day heading down the Damascus road when Jesus appeared before him in a blinding light! Saul heard Jesus’ voice. Jesus set Saul free from his hatred. Jesus called Saul to follow him and to work for his gospel. Jesus gave Saul a new identity and name: Paul. This encounter with Jesus fundamentally reoriented Paul’s life to his total involvement in the Gospel of Jesus.

When have you heard Jesus’ voice in worship? Through scripture, preaching, a song?

When have you come face to face with Jesus in worship? Perhaps in the Eucharist?

When were you given a new identity? Do you remember what God did for you in baptism?

Think about those worship encounters with Jesus as you get ready for this Sunday. How do you seen them connecting with this week’s reading from Mark 1:29-39?