Worship Preview

Mark 1:21-28

Post by Pastor Dave

Mark’s Gospel is a battle narrative between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The temptation of Jesus in the wilderness; Mark is the only gospel where the devil never leaves, always lurking. And in today’s text, the first public act of Jesus’ ministry, what is it? An exorcism!!! Right away Jesus enters into the battle between good and evil.

And where does this story take place? In the synagogue!! The battle of good and evil is so insidious that it has permeated even the synagogue, the place where the people of God worship that God and do His work.

And the fallout of that story? People were so amazed at what Jesus did that “HIS FAME SPREAD EVERYWHERE THROUGHOUT ALL THE SURROUNDING REGION OF GALILEE.” Somebody once said that “life is about making an impact not an income.”  Jesus sure did! He touched a lot of people’s lives. He inspired them to become more than they could be. So inspiring was and is Jesus that he has become the most influential person in all of human history. Not bad for a carpenter…from Nazareth!!!

Who has inspired you to become more than you could be?

Who have you inspired in the same way?