Sermon Talk

Lighting the Path

Post by Pastor Dave   John 1:6-8, 19-28

It’s the story of John the Baptist.  But in John’s Gospel he is never called the Baptist.  Unlike the other 3 gospels, his function is not to baptize Jesus.  His function is to witness for Him, pave the way for Him, get others to prepare to experience Him.

“He came for testimony…” (verse 7)

“…to bear witness to the light.” (verse 7)

“He was not the light but came to bear witness to the light” (verse 8)

“Make straight the way of the Lord” (verse 23)

In “The Message Bible”, Eugene Peterson tells us that John was there to “show the way to the Light”. To guide people to Jesus.

Isn’t that our job too?  Isn’t that what the Christian faith is all about?  Experiencing the Gospel so that we can share it with others?  Having Jesus touch our lives in such a way that we do what we can to have Him touch other people’s lives in the same way?

How are we doing with that?

How are we witnessing Jesus Christ to the world?

How are we paving people’s way to Jesus?

Certainly it starts with telling them about the difference Jesus has made in our lives and what kind of difference He can make in theirs.

What story do we have to tell that would light their path to Him?