Worship Preview

Are We There Yet?

Post by Pastor Stephen

The beatitudes look to the future when God will put everything right. Jesus knows when that will happen and the outcome of God’s work to put everything right. He also knows that he is the one who will be the judge sorting the sheep and goats, or as we say in the creed, “to judge the living and the dead.” Thus, because he has the authority to judge at the end of time, he is already in the position to issue congratulations to those who will benefit from the kingdom’s coming, so says Charles H. Talbert.

The beatitudes reveal something about how the world really is in God’s Kingdom. Jesus, for his part, will die and rise for the sake of that Kingdom. You cannot put God’s reality to death, God’s kingdom is coming near.

As we prepare for All Saints’ Sunday, read the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12 and look for connections between those beatitudes and your loved ones who have died.