Worship Preview

The Wedding Garment

Post by Pastor Dave

The invitation has gone out for God’s great final banquet feast.

Place:  The Throne Room of the Mighty God

Time:   Whenever you can get there

Meal:  The finest food and the best wine

Guest List:  Anyone who is reading this!!

The party that God is planning will blow your mind.  And it is only by the grace of God that we have been invited.

We can’t earn or deserve that invitation.

But for those of us who accept it, it does demand something of us.

It demands that we live the way the giver of the invitation expects us to live.

It calls for us to model our lives after Jesus’ life.


There apparently was a man at that feast who didn’t do that.

Didn’t put on the new robes and the new lifestyle.

Didn’t model his life after Jesus’ life.


Are we him, or have we put on wedding garments worthy of the God who invited us?

Read Matthew 22:1-14