Worship Preview

We Love Grapes

Post by Pastor Stephen

In the Friedrich house we love grapes. We don’t know anything about growing grapes, but we sure do love to eat them! As I write and enjoy some grapes, know that  I’m partial to these bible stories about vineyards and grapes.

That said, this story doesn’t help the digestion of my grapes. It’s a rather violent parable. These vineyard tenants, yikes. I don’t think they’re producing the fruit of the kingdom.

You should know that this parable is:

  • Second of three parables responding to challenge of religious leaders to Jesus’ authority.
  • Told in the temple, which was often seen as a “vineyard.”
  • Note that Jesus speaks these words of challenge to the Jewish leaders, not to all Jewish people. He himself was a Jew.
  • Consider the injustice and bloodshed done by the vineyard tenants. Then compare it with what Martin Luther wrote about the fifth commandment in the Small Catechism. You can download the Small Catechism on your phone from either the Apple or Google app stores! You’ll need it for Sunday.

Now, as you read Matthew 21:33-46, reflect on it through the lens of the Fifth Commandment. What does this say about people? What does this say about God? What is God saying to you?