Worship Preview

Bearing Fruit for the Kingdom

Post by Pastor Dave

Matthew 21: 23-32

Two sons – one vineyard.

The owner of the vineyard asked both sons to go and work in the vineyard.

Till the soil.

Bear fruit.

Plant trees.

Do the work that any vineyard needs doing.


One son said “No thanks” but ended up going.

The other son said “Sure Dad” but didn’t go.

We know which of the sons did the will of his father.

But do we know which of the sons we are?

Are we the “go” or “no go” brother?

Are we workers in the vineyard or just passive bystanders?

And what does it mean to work in the vineyard anyway?


Another way of asking that question is – is Christian faith something we believe or something we live?

Or this – can you be a Christian from a sofa?