Worship Preview

Take up Your Cross

Post by Pastor Dave

Chapter 16 of Matthew is a heavy chapter.  Peter has just proclaimed Jesus as “THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD” (16: 17) and has been named as the rock upon which Jesus will build His church.  Pretty soon that rock will crumble!!

And now Jesus announces that He has to go to Jerusalem to suffer and die. (16: 21)  What?!?!?!!!  I just thought Peter said Jesus was God’s son!!!  Why does He have to die?  What kind of Messiah is that?  Why not just live out His old age in a nursing home and then come back to life?  Wouldn’t that do?

And then Jesus makes matters worse.  Not only does He have to do that but He expects His followers to do it too!!  “TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME”.  (16:24)  That’s not helpful, Jesus!!  We like winners, not losers!!  If we have the option of avoiding Good Friday, we will do that at all costs!!

Of all the symbols that God could have used to announce the Christian faith, God chose a cross!!  Why?  What did it mean for Jesus?  What does it mean for us?

Two questions to ponder  –

What cross has Jesus carried for you?

What cross have you carried, and are carrying, for Him and His people?