Worship Preview

Listening to the Whispers

Post by Pastor Dave

Elijah is scared spitless. Queen Jezebel has just hired a hit squad to kill him. So what does Elijah do? He runs off into the wilderness to hide. “I’ve had it, God.” So what does God do? God comes to Elijah hiding in that cave in that wilderness.

“What are you doing here Elijah?”

“God, I’ve had it. They want to kill me.”

And God makes His presence known to Elijah, but maybe not in the way that Elijah would have wanted it!!

There was a wind so strong that it flattened the mountains – but God was not in the wind.

There was an earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale – but God wasn’t in that either.

And then there came a fire that scorched what was left of that part of the wilderness, but no God.

Where was God?

In a still, small voice. In a whisper.

A whisper? A sound that can be mistaken for something else? A noise that you have to listen to to hear it?


That’s where God was.  And maybe still is!!!  Maybe this story is telling us that if we want to experience God’s presence, want to meet Jesus, want to have a close encounter of a divine kind, we have to use our ears more than our eyes. That we have to listen for God before we can see God.

Are you any good at listening?