Worship Preview

LCR’s # 1 Favorite Bible Story

Post by Pastor Dave

What happens when God asks us to get out of our comfort zone?

To do something we’d rather not do?

To go somewhere we’d rather not go?

To become someone we’d rather not become?


What do we do?

What do we say?

“Sure, God, whatever you say.”

“God, what are you nuts.”


Has that ever happened to you?

Has God ever come to you with an outrageous request?

The Bible is filled with those kinds of requests!!

“God, you want me to go where?”

“Do what?”

“Become who?”

“Yes…Yes I do”


We have a choice

We can join the millions who said “No Thanks”

or we can join the million others who said “OK”

One of those choices just might help us have an up close and personal encounter with the preposterously amazing grace of God.

I’ll bet you know which one is which!!!