Sermon Talk

Build an Ark

Post by Pastor Stephen

“Build an Ark” was the call on Sunday. God got my attention. It’s a call to action. A place of inclusion, sanctuary, and life doesn’t come about because it’s a nice thought. It comes about because God inspires people like you and me to take action! Sometimes that inspiration comes through preachers like it did on Sunday. “Build an ark to help rebuild God’s world and give it back it’s life.” I’m going to start a small group this fall dedicated to this. We’re going to read the bible and listen for Jesus. We’re going to take care of each other. And we’re going to find a way to give life to someone beyond our group. What’s your ark going to look like?

Sometimes sacred space comes when the heavens are opened and the voice of God says, “Build an ark.” Sometimes it comes in the familiar rhythms of prayer and song, bread and wine. The melody and words of the song “my hope is built on nothing less” drew me into God’s presence. My hope is to built on Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Jesus is the solid rock of my life! I’ve sung that song a thousand times (with organ, piano, guitars, drums, acapella) and this Sunday God drew me into his presence through that old familiar song. Perhaps it was an ark for me? How about you?