Sermon Talk

How do you spell D-I-S-C-I-P-L-E?

Post by Helen P.

Pastor Dave explained to us that the writer of the Gospel of Matthew sure did like mountains. When Jesus met the devil, He was taken to a mountain. He feeds the 5,000 on a mountain, He prays on a mountain, He is transfigured on a mountain, and now He is meeting with his disciples one last time on a mountain, before He ascends to the right hand of God. We all like that mountain-top experience. However, we learn at Pentecost that with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can have a mountain-top experience anywhere. Pastor Dave had some questions to ask the Church Council on their retreat, but I wonder if we were asked these questions, what each of our answers would be?

  • How is this place more and more becoming a mountain of God?
  • In what ways is God calling all of us to go out and build mountains?

Sacred Moment: The First Reading for this Holy Trinity Sunday was the story of creation at the beginning of Genesis. Pastor Dave asked everyone to notice the orderliness of creation when God is in charge. Each day for 6 days: God did it, God saw it, and God said it was good. As I’m listening to the reader, I’m picturing in my mind the light of day and darkness of night, the sky, the seas, the dry land, plants and trees of every kind, the sun, moon, and stars, swarms of sea creatures in the waters and birds that fly above the earth, and animals of every kind on the earth: cattle and every creeping thing, and all of the various wild animals. Then God created humankind, male and female, in his image. As the list of God’s creation grew, I could feel God’s love growing too. No wonder we are all frequently drawn by God’s love to go out and experience God the Creator in God’s beloved creation!