Worship Preview

Mountaintop Experiences

Post by Pastor Dave

Matthew has a thing about mountains!  He begins Jesus’ earthly ministry on the mountain with the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5) and ends Jesus’ earthly ministry with the Great Commission on the mountain here in chapter 18.  And in between Jesus is on the mountain…

Praying in chapter 14

Feeding the multitude in chapter 15

Being transfigured in chapter 17

Mountaintop experiences in Matthew are important.  They are where we meet Jesus, or Jesus meets us!  They are where Matthew’s claim – “Emmanuel, God with us” (chapter 1) becomes real and true!!!

But I think Matthew would agree that, because of Pentecost, mountaintop experiences are not limited to mountains!!!  Encounters with Jesus can happen anywhere, at any time.

I think this text begs us to ask some questions.

Where have your mountaintop experiences – meetings with Jesus – occurred?

Where has God used you to be a mountaintop experience for others?

Is LCR that mountain?  If so, how can we become that mountain more often?

Other than Emmanuel, maybe the most important word in Matthew’s gospel is “GO”.  After we have had and been mountaintop encounters, the Gospel calls us to go and live out those encounters in the world.

How do we do that?

What does that look like?

Where is God calling LCR to GO?

To whom is God sending you to be a mouontain?

Here is this Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20