Sermon Talk

Spirit Sightings

Post by Helen P.

“So I send you” said Jesus to his disciples and they went. They went to cities and countries near and far to proclaim the story of Jesus. Pastor Stephen reminds us that now we are the sent ones of God. It happened at our baptism. We were baptized into the action of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that we read about in the book of Acts was poured out on each one of us when we were baptized. This watery cross on my forehead means more than I thought it did. We are a sent people of God. Our charge is to listen, to speak up, and to build bridges for God’s justice. Are you ready to find out where the Holy Spirit is leading us? Where do I find the courage to be sent by God? The refrain of the Praise Team Offering song says it best for me:

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.

Come, flood this place and fill the atmosphere.

Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for,

To be overcome by Your presence, Lord.


Sacred Space: The Pentecost banner with the ribbons on the bottom was in the Chancel and the fan blowing them. Not blowing just a little bit, but quite a bit with the roar of the fan adding to the “chaos” of Pentecost. Sitting at my normal perch on the ledge next to the organ, I could look through the ribbons blowing every which way and watch Marge tell the story of the first Pentecost. It was as if I was in the room, hearing and seeing the rush of the Holy Spirit stirring everything up. In fact, I was so mesmerized at the 3rd service, I forgot to prepare to play the Gospel Acclamation and when she said “Word of God, Word of life,” I bolted over to the keyboard. I had been in a Sacred Space.