Sermon Talk

The Meaning of Home

Post by Helen P.

Pastor Dave started by saying that our world is filled with people leaving and being left. If you have ever been left, you have known their pain.

I’ve known that pain. Just when it seemed that I had made a friend that I could talk with, someone else who liked to do the same things as I did, a professor in college that I couldn’t wait to study with next semester: they left. You couldn’t blame them. Families move, a better job opportunity comes along, a car accident takes a life. Orphaned.

Yet Jesus says, “I will not leave you orphaned. My father and I are coming to make our home with you.” Not a place, says Pastor Dave, but a relationship. How do I develop such a relationship with God and Jesus that I will never feel orphaned again? Maybe it’s coming to worship more often, studying the scripture by myself and with others, remembering my baptism daily. Maybe I need to talk with someone about the Resurrection Life Discipleship Plan. Being at home with God and Jesus would be worth it.

The pastors and I have been looking for sacred space in worship, where the presence of God speaks powerfully to us. This past Sunday, the Sabbath Moment at each service was offered by the Joyful Ringers, three young women and their mentor, all growing together in their musical skill and learning that sometimes the best experience of God comes just from focusing and listening. I hope that space was powerful for you, too.