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Rules, Rules, Rules… Grace!

Post by Cathy R.

Last week we heard that we are here to be the salt of the earth and the light for the world. But how do we do that, in a world full of lies, exploitation, violence, evil? Jesus’ values are different from this world’s values – the world keeps telling us to watch out for ourselves, take care of #1, and forget everyone else. The end justifies the means.

Jesus makes it clear that God values community and relationship, not self-centeredness and greed. He calls us to strive to a higher moral code than this world expects. Jesus acknowledges our struggle to live a moral life. But – Gouge out my eye? Cut off my hand? Really? I’m not going to literally do that, but with God’s help if something is causing me to fall off the right path, I can cut it out of my life. Just because something is legal  doesn’t make it right. When I have to work to justify an action or a thought, maybe I need to rethink what I’m doing.

The biggest point I see in this passage is this: Jesus is talking to ME, giving me direction for my life, not guidelines to judge someone else.  And thankfully when I don’t follow God’s path well, He’s right there with His Grace to love me anyway. I can’t do it without Him.  Living in today’s world can be tough. But God has chosen me, and you, to spread His values. A little bit of salt flavors a whole dish… a little bit of light chases the darkness away… and if I stand up for what is right, I might not change the world, but maybe I can help light up my corner of the world a little.


2 thoughts on “Rules, Rules, Rules… Grace!

  1. Cathie, your words ring so true to me and I really enjoyed your reflection. I, too, feel like this passage is the “conviction” lesson: don’t get too high and mighty, folks! Your goal to be a simple, single source of light and goodness is so honest. It’s the “drop in a bucket” mentality that is within everyone’s reach. Thank you!


    1. Yeah, Ingrid, one thing that bothers me about this passage is that people often seem to use it as a reason to condemn others. Pastor Stephen’s sermon also sparked a good conversation with Tim about divorce in a Christian perspective (just because it was in the sermon). Love how our pastors make us think!


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